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The Literature tent is located directly in front of the SST building – please see the digital programme for a map.

Bonus material from poet Harry Baker and author Ella Dove can be found below.

Photos and videos will be posted here after the event.

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Harry Baker Poet - Pre-recorded content

Harry Baker

I have loved words from a young age and been a full-time poet since I graduated from Bristol with a maths degree in 2015. Most commonly this takes the form on standing on stages and sharing my words with others, but I am always looking to collaborate with new people and find new places to take it.

I became the youngest ever Poetry World Slam Champion in 2012, and my first collection of poems The Sunshine Kid was published with Burning Eye in December 2014 - I am currently working on my second collection, as well as regularly giving workshops and performances and having fun touring around the UK as part of Harry And Chris.


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Dinosaur Love

Ella Dove Author - Pre-recorded content


In 2015, aged 25, I was out jogging with my sister one morning when I tripped and fell.

I thought I had broken my leg. In fact, the blood supply had been severed - and by the time I got to hospital, my right foot was cold. The pain was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. After three days in intensive care and several long operations, there was only one option remaining. My right leg was to be amputated below the knee.

In one moment, everything had changed. It felt like every plan, hope and dream for the rest of my life had suddenly collapsed around me. But it didn't. Fast-forward to now and I'm not only walking, I'm thriving. I'm back working in the job I love as Commissioning Editor at Good Housekeeping, Red and Prima.

I shine a light on trauma through my writing - and have spread my message of hope and inner strength across all forms of media.

My first novel, Five Steps to Happy was published last year in 3 countries and I regularly receive messages from people around the world, telling me it has brought them comfort in difficult times.

I want to bring disability into the mainstream, to show that we are all capable of amazing things. My ultimate goal is to provide help, positivity and reassurance to everyone out there suffering, no matter what they're going through.

There is hope after trauma. There is light through the dark. It will get better.


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