Internationalism is at the centre of VIAT’s global outlook as we seek to foster strong partnership with schools, businesses and organisations across the world. VIAT students have travelled to all continents, making a difference to communities in the remotest areas of the world and developing themselves to become the most dynamic global citizens of the 21st century.

Notably, VIAT schools are strategic partners with schools in Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as many schools in Europe. This was established as VIAT leaders were on a mission to unlock the success of world-renowned education systems. As Singapore and Hong Kong repeatedly scored highly on the PISA world rankings on student performance in reading, mathematics and science, they visited the countries and actively fostered links with the most successful schools over the last five years. They have been developing the curriculum in collaboration with partners, sharing good practice in teaching and learning, and developing together a wide range of personal development opportunities for students.

VIAT students have also travelled far and wide to New York, Costa Rica, Japan, Cambodia, Iceland, Morocco and many other countries for their subject trips, culture exchanges, competitions and personal development expeditions. The exposure to the world broadens their horizons, quenches their thirst for knowledge and encourages them to view the world with open-mindedness and tolerance.

The commitment for developing and nurturing global citizens is also shown in VIAT's investment in the teaching of foreign languages both in and outside the classrooms. Most of our secondary students study at least one language for GCSE and are exposed to opportunities to study other languages, such as Japanese, Mandarin and Italian within our co-curricular programme, while all our primary pupils have access to a high-quality curriculum of languages.  All our primary school children study Spanish with a dedicated Modern Foreign Languages teacher.  This highlights our commitment to ensuring that our youngsters are prepared for the global community we now all live in. 

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