Pathway Routes into Education

What is Future Teacher?

A series of opportunities and programmes offered by the schools within our Trust to support present/former students and support staff who may be considering a career in teaching.

How does Future Teacher work?

  • Future Teacher Familiarisation
  • Future Teacher Experience
  • Future Teacher Sponsorship

Future Teacher Familiarisation 

Purpose: to help current students decide if teaching is for them. 

Participants: Current students.

Experience: Six-week programme. Including the completion of Future Learn ‘Becoming a Teacher’ course.Offers participants an insight into the world of education and sense of what is involved in teaching.

Future Teacher Experience 

Purpose: to offer an opportunity for former students to come back into school to undertake school based experience to gain an insight into the world of teaching.

Participants: Former students.

Experience: one-off or long term blocks of time in school - shadowing, observing, reflecting, being coached/mentored.

Future Teacher Sponsorship

Purpose: to support  those who are confident that they want to be a teacher to gain the necessary qualifications and skills to do so.

Participants: Undergraduates and Support staff

Experience: a bespoke programme which enables those taking part to gain a significant amount of experience of what it is to be a teacher.

Also, a financial incentive in terms of contribution towards university fees.

Why is Future Teacher important?

Recognises potential of students and staff within our schools. Enables career development opportunities for students and staff. Commitment to and investment in our own students and staff. Our schools benefit by retaining high calibre students and support staff as trained teachers.



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